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What is an ICO?
ICO means Initial Coin Offering of crypto currency.
Now it is very popular to use ICOs for fundraising of a company.
But just a few already big companies are able to issue own crytpo coins.
Small and start-up companies issue own crypto tokens based on Ethereum.
So this is actually an ITO - Initital Token Offering.
But just a very few token will become valueable.
Mostly investors will end up in a collection of useless and worthless tokens.
So this is not a good solution!

Offer to small and start-up companies
Instead of offering your own token you can now:
Borrow Basecoin (BASE) tokens and use for fundraising of your company.
You can sell them directly to capital providers, the funds go straight to the company.
Each token has a value of 1 EUR, you may sell at a discount up to 50% (EUR .50).
Legally these are debentures of your company issued to capital providers.
Please make sure this process is legal in your country.

Is my company suitable?
- Your company needs to be legally registered.
- Not available to sole traders, partnerships with fewer than 4 partners and unincorporated associations.
- Your company does legal business only.
- The company needs a token compatible wallet.
- It shall possess an account for transfers.

Your advantages
You don't need to issue your own coins/tokens.
There is no middlesman, capital providers can pay straight to your company.
They are no securities, the capital providers do not become co-owners of the company.
They are no shares, there are no dividend payment requirements.
They are no loans, there are no interest payment requirements.
If your company doesn't work out your capital providers can exit.

How to get rid of the tokens later?
- You can do repurchases at value from the capital providers when your company can affort it. Then you can give back the received tokens to the GCM.
- You may convert them to company shares if suitable and agreed by the capital providers. Then also you can give back the received tokens to the GCM.
- Your capital providers may exit your company by changing their tokens to virtual Basecoins after a minimum holding period of 1 year. Your liability moves from the capital provider to the GCM.

What if my company goes bust?
This is nothing unusual, this happen to 60% of the start-ups.
You simply move your liabilities to your next project/company (the new company aquires the old company).
To declare bankruptcy does not free you from these liabilities, you must move them to your next project/company.
Note: You are not allowed to financially exploit your company as long as there are these liabilities.

What if I sell my company or it gets aquired?
- The buying or aquiring company may take over the liabilities.
- You may repurchase at value with proceeds of the sale or aquisition.
- You may forward liabilities to other Basecoin using companies with compensation.
- You may pay off the liabilities with proceeds at value to the GCM.

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